Mototerre Tillamook Backcountry Pack Reviews

Our Tillamook Backcountry pack has been well received thus far!  Here are some mini reviews and thoughts on the pack:   Garret Turnidge has been using it for his moto missions around the Pacific Northwest.  He raves about the storage capacity and super comfortable hip straps.  Garret told me “I’m still finding pockets everywhere that I didn’t know were there and that are super useful”. He also loves the Mazama hydration reservoir with sturdy backbone that keeps the bladder from crumpling into a little useless ball […]

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OX Brake left hand brake review

OX Left Hand Brake Review The OX Brake left hand brake is an amazing addition to any Enduro bike.  Most people who require a left hand brake are also running a Rekluse Clutch (as they tend to roll back while on steeps, as they keep the clutch from engaging) but you can run this brake on any off-road/enduro motorcyle and see the increased performance and ease in rear braking.  After trying the Rekluse left hand brake, and comparing it to the OX, we’ve found the […]

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trail bound

TrailBound Co Reviews V-Force Reeds for

Vforce4 Reed Valve Review Chris and really need no introduction.  If you are an alive and breathing dirtbike/enduro rider than you’ve more than likely seen Chris’ pictures on the TrailBoundco Instagram page.  If not, please go check it out, follow and GET STOKED.    Here is Chris’ review on the V-Force 4 Reeds for his 2017 KTM 250XC By Chris Riesner @Trailboundco Exclusively for One of the first upgrades that I did to my 2017 250xc was replace the stock OEM reed valve […]

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gerber trail saw

Trail Tech Chainsaw Mount, Gerber Trail Saw & Folding Shovel

We are starting to compile a nice list of “trail tested” products in the Trail Building section of our website.  First up is this nifty folding saw from Gerber.  At only 13 inches when folded down, the Freescape Camp Saw can fit in most modern riding backpacks and Camelbaks.  This saw is STURDY.  Because of the reinforced design the blade does not flex like some other fold-able trail saws.   We have been in love with the Trail Tech CSM1 saw mount for quite a few […]

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lectron carb

Lectron Carb Review Husky TX300

Lectron Carb Review – Written by Singletrack Slayerz exclusively for Quick intro, I am mainly a woods and enduro rider.  Single track is my choice and I love if there are fallen tree’s to hop over or rock ledges to climb.   After riding my 2011 200xcw (which I love) for a season I decided I wanted some more lugging power & the magic red button would be nice too. I researched bikes for about 2 months, decided to step it up & get […]

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leatt x frame review

Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

Leatt X-Frame knee brace Review and Testimonial by Mototerre Ambassador Jess Hey y’all, Jess here. Early on I was protecting my knees with only a rigid mountain bike guard that offered some front impact protection for the knee cap but really that was about it. Fast forward to the present, after doing some research and watching reviews I decided that the best value for the dollars spent- were the @Officialleatt X-frames. Initially I sized the braces incorrectly and spoke to a Leatt rep that took […]

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leatt hydra chest protector

Leatt Hydra 4.5 hydration pack mini review

  Protection. Hydration. Sensation. This new 2.0 Leatt 4.5 Chest Protecfor (10 liters of storage) & Hydration Pack (2 liters of water) combo really does it all. It won’t actually make your sandwich but it will carry your lunch and all your trail tools around like a pack horse.  All while protecting your chest and back from impact…lets see a donkey do that. The updated straps and adjust-ability offer a wider range of body size fitment than it’s predecessor. Once it’s adjusted to your size […]

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ls2 subverter

LS2 Subverter Helmet Review

LS2 Subverter Helmet – White First off, the LS2 Subverter is an amazing looking helmet at an astonishing price.  Highly ventilated, light weight and a nearly indestructible visor are some of the Subverters standout features. In the wild world of the motocross helmets, a new star is born today: its name is Subverter. ‘Nomen omen’ Latin stated, and the new offroad model of the LS2 range represents the perfect expression of the name thanks to its extreme and absolute innovating specifi cs looking to comfort, […]

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cyclops explorer review

Cyclops Explorer Dirtbike Snowbike Review and Installation

The Cyclops Explorer light packs a punch!  By far one of the best values to performance dirt bike lights on the market.  Our battery direct-connect light was able to be installed in less than 20 minutes! We feel battery direct is the way to go given most modern bikes are coming with lithium Ion batteries these days.   For woods riding this light is perfect.  Throws enough light to zig zag your way through the trees for hours.  For snow bike purposes it is outstanding […]

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shinko 50 cheater

Sticky Rubber Tire Shootout

  Sticky rubber is the ultimate advantage for full on hard enduro trail riders and woods riders.  Many people are scared off by sticky rubber tires because they think they will wear quicker and “chunk”.  Well the Mototerre testers have actually found the opposite.  The sticky rubber has a higher moisture content and seems to chunk less and the wear of center knobs is very close to that of a traditional rubber tire.  We’ve had the chance to ride many different sticky tires in the […]

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Review – Twisted Engineering Flex Bar

We recently installed a set of Twisted Engineering Flex Bars on a 2002 RM250 2 stroke dirt bike.  The bike is used primarily for twisty woods and mountain riding but also gets a fair amount of time in the wide open desert.  The RM 250 is a naturally “vibraty” bike so seemed a good candidate to try out these composite bars and their vibration damping qualities. Due to the composite construction it is not recommended to use traditional bark busters with these bars.  Twisted Engineering […]

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Scott Prospect Goggle Review

Mototerre Ambassador TOP PICK! It’s said that you won’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. In this case you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you try them.’s Scott Prospect Goggle Review: “Just another pair of goggles.” Admittedly that was my thought when I first saw these new Scott Prospect goggles. Sure they looked sweet but I already had an arsenal of goggle options in my quiver and didn’t think I needed another pair. Ranging from the ever popular Scott Recoil goggle […]

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Zip-Ty air screw install and review

If you have a 2-stroke and ride in the mountains you are most likely very familiar with your air screw. If you don’t adjust your screw throughout the day you are missing out on having your bike run at its best. Changes in elevation, temperature, and humidity all play a part in the amount of air your bike has available, so with that many variables it only makes sense that you will need to adjust. The stock air screw is located on the side of […]

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Nitro Mousse – Tubliss – HD Tube Comparison

We get this question alot:  “Should I switch from my heavy duty tubes to the Nuetech Tubliss System or a Nitro Mousse/BIB Mousse type system?” Generally the simple answers are: Nitro Mousse if you NEVER want a flat ever again.  Ultra HD tubes if you’re old school and just won’t ever change your ways.  Tubliss if you’re a tech geak and love messing around in tech situations that reward Uber low tire pressure. Well, there is no simple answer really so we have broken down […]

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goldentyre fatty

Goldentyre Fatty front tire review

Goldentyre Fatty Review – a Top Pick for Mototerre Ambassadors  Goldentyre Fatty Review: For us, The Goldentyre Fatty 216 front tire has been the standard for which all other off-road motorycle tires are judged.  There just isn’t anything else on the market like it.  Why you ask?  Because everything else is dwarfed in comparison to this 90/100-21″ front tire.  The extra large diameter slows down your steering making ANY bike more stable in rough terrain.  The extra width helps the front end float in soft […]

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ogio flight vest review

Ogio Flight Vest Review

A place for Everything – Ogio Flight Vest Review The Ogio Flight Vest is a hydration pack and vest with multiple built in pockets.  I really like the way I can load this pack up with every tool I own, food and water yet it distributes the weight much better than a Camelbak.  Unlike other hydration packs I’ve used, which put all the weight on the two little shoulder straps, the Ogio Flight Vest seems to help you carry the weight on your back, mid […]

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