Scott Prospect Goggle Review

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It’s said that you won’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. In this case you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you try them.’s Scott Prospect Goggle Review:

“Just another pair of goggles.” Admittedly that was my thought when I first saw these new Scott Prospect goggles. Sure they looked sweet but I already had an arsenal of goggle options in my quiver and didn’t think I needed another pair. Ranging from the ever popular Scott Recoil goggle that conveniently you can find replacement lenses for almost anywhere to the newer 100% Accuri which seems to have become a top option for many moto warriors. So what prompted me to try these out? Well I really liked the way they look, so I tried them on, and I was hooked.

The first thing I noticed about these goggles was how well they sealed around my face and didn’t pinch my nose. I could breathe! I feel like that’s a pretty important ability when you’re chasing your buddies through some techy single track. I’m using them with a size medium Bell Moto 9 Flex helmet and they just fit so well. Scott’s claim is that because of their pivoting outriggers they’ll adapt to any helmet brand and size while keeping consistent pressure around your face. While goggle fit is very subjective to an individuals face shape I can say this has been my experience with them.

Extended Ride Time

After wearing these riding my opinion has become even higher. Especially when I took a solid 3″ diameter tree branch to the face at around 30 mph. I came out of it with just a mark on the lens and felt like I’d been punched in the nose. The goggle took the impact without fail which gives me confidence in Scott’s engineering of their lens lock system that utilizes a proprietary 4 pin lock design and assures their thick high impact lens will protect you and actually stay in place.

The face coverage is undeniable and with the increased lens height this goggle offers a spectacular and total field of vision. I love it when I use a new piece of gear and because it worked so well I realize I didn’t think about it the entire ride.

Scott nailed it with their Prospect lineup through fit, function, style and price. I truly think you deserve to take a closer look at these and should consider adding them as your go to off road motorcycle goggle.

Other features to note: Goggle comes with a mirrored tinted lens installed and a spare clear lens, easy to install roll off system is available, extra wide silicone backed strap ensures the goggle stays in place, and the lens only takes a minute to swap.

Scott Prospect Goggle Review


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