Mototerre Tillamook Backcountry Pack Reviews

Our Tillamook Backcountry pack has been well received thus far!  Here are some mini reviews and thoughts on the pack:   Garret Turnidge has been using it for his moto missions around the Pacific Northwest.  He raves about the storage capacity and super comfortable hip straps.  Garret told me “I’m still finding pockets everywhere that I didn’t know were there and that are super useful”. He also loves the Mazama hydration reservoir with sturdy backbone that keeps the bladder from crumpling into a little useless ball […]

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Snowbike video and 2 new backcountry specific Mototerre Products

We are excited to announce our dual sport, adventure and snowbike specific pant and hydration pack. The Mototerre Tumalo Backcountry pant – Removable liner, CE certified knee pads, reflective markings, extremely water resistant and adjustable waist are just a few of the features in this affordable, technical pant. The Mototerre Tillamook Backcountry pack – BPA free resevoir, extremely water resistant, multiple pockets and features specific for the backcountry. And here is a little video of our gear being used on a wicked storm day in […]

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How to: Replacing KTM, Husaberg and Husky kickstand pad

How to replace KTM kickstand pad In our opinion, the MOST inferior part of any stock KTM is the OEM KTM kickstand.  It really blows our minds that they can make every other component on the motorcycle amazing and best in class but they cannot get the dang kickstand to work right.  Besides the overall poor function of the kickstand, the kickstand pad is also small and insignificant.  Also, when you put fatter, taller tires (such as the Goldentyre fatty) on  your enduro bike it raises […]

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OX Brake left hand brake review

OX Left Hand Brake Review The OX Brake left hand brake is an amazing addition to any Enduro bike.  Most people who require a left hand brake are also running a Rekluse Clutch (as they tend to roll back while on steeps, as they keep the clutch from engaging) but you can run this brake on any off-road/enduro motorcyle and see the increased performance and ease in rear braking.  After trying the Rekluse left hand brake, and comparing it to the OX, we’ve found the […]

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Mototerre Wind Proof Jersey Pre-order

We have an AWESOME windproof jersey being worked on currently.  Its about a month or so away from us being finished and having stock but we are gearing up for pre orders now.  This is a cool weather specific riding jersey with wind protection for those cold days of dual sporting or getting to the single track.  Matches perfectly with our Mototerre Backcountry pants for a great combo for winter riding.  If you are interested in preordering a Mototerre Wind Proof jersey you can send […]

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Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild – How To

How To: Rebuild Master Cylinder Rebuilding the front brake master cylinder on your motorcycle is a scary endeavor to undertake if you have never done it before, but it is undoubtedly easier than you think.  Here’s how to get your front brake dialed before you work on getting your stoppie dialed: The pictures and instruction below detail rebuilding a front brake master cylinder on a KTM 300 with a Moose Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, but it is pretty much the same concept for any motorcycle […]

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ktm 300 graphics

Custom Graphics, Stickers and Gear

We have produced a run of Mototerre shroud graphics and this version will be for sale for a limited time.  The ones we have made up will fit nearly any KTM dirt bike from 2004-2019.  We also have a small run of Husqvarna graphics available. Also arriving soon are t-shirts, hats and sticker packs. 

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snowbike parts

So you want to build a Snowbike?

So you were trying to find the end of the internet and you stumbled on to the above video. Looks like a good way to pass the winter months, so just buy a snowbike kit and slap it on right?. The companies making the kits, and most of the articles you read make it seem that simple, but is it really?  The short answer is yes, and then there is a much longer more truthful answer.  While you can slap on a kit and rip […]

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OX Brake and Mototerre Vortex Intake Tubes now in stock

We are excited to announce two amazing new products.  Arriving at our retail location (The Motoshop Bend Oregon) and our online store this week are:  First up is the OX Brake Left Hand Brake.  If you’re not familiar with the what’s why’s and how’s of a left hand rear brake let us break it down for you.  Sometimes when riding technical trails and hard enduro, you encounter situations where you need to be braking and taking your right foot off the peg.  These situations include: […]

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kreft power dial

Kreft Power Dial – Quick Power Valve Adjust

Power Valve Adjustment on the fly! Replaces stock powervalve adjustment mechanism Adjust your powervalve in five seconds with no tools Optimize powervalve settings on the fly for your riding conditions Installs in minutes Machined from durable, lightweight aluminum with laser-etched Kreft logo Sleek integrated screw design Fits KTM 250 and 300 2-stroke models 1998-2018 Fits Husky 250 and 300 2-strokes 2014-2018 Fits KTM/Husky 125 and 150 2-stroke 2016 – 2018 only Fits Beta 250 and 300 RR 2013-2017

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scotts steering damper

Dante Harmony Bike Check – Husky TE300

Dantes Bike: 2016 Husqvarna TE300 2017 front fender and headlight conversion SRT Pro Flo Pipe and Pipe Guard FMF Turbine Core Silencer BRP Rubber mounted sub adapter BRP Hand Guard Mounts Scotts steering Stabilizer Cycra Pro bend Hand Guards Cycra Skid plate Cycra rear disk guard Acerbis Front Disk Guard Cyclops LED Headlight bulb Millennium Technologies Ported cylinder Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater rear tire 120/100-18 Bridgestone Battlecross X-30 fronrt tire 90/100-21 Tubliss tire system front and rear @8-10psi – Why did you choose the […]

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rekluse clutch

New Products arriving daily

We are slowly building our online store, handpicking the products we put up carefully and making sure they are tested fully by our ambassadors and staff before we make the commitment to selling them to you.  Here are some of our newest products added to the Mototerre Shop in the past few days: Rekluse Radius CX Auto Clutch – The latest and greatest auto clutch from Rekluse. Trailtech 7 inch LED motorcycle – 4700 Lumens and just 27W draw!  The best and newest from Trailtech. […]

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Zip-Ty air screw install and review

If you have a 2-stroke and ride in the mountains you are most likely very familiar with your air screw. If you don’t adjust your screw throughout the day you are missing out on having your bike run at its best. Changes in elevation, temperature, and humidity all play a part in the amount of air your bike has available, so with that many variables it only makes sense that you will need to adjust. The stock air screw is located on the side of […]

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Clutch Cover Replacement

Brake pedal mod and clutch cover replacement In my opinion most bikes come with a fundamental design flaw to the brake pedal. Either that or I have a bad habit of cutting it too close around rocks. With the KTM 300 I thought I was finally safe due to the expansion chamber hanging in front of the brake lever, but don’t worry… I still found a way to do what has become my signature move, and also the reason I carry quick steel with me […]

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