How to: Replacing KTM, Husaberg and Husky kickstand pad

How to replace KTM kickstand pad

In our opinion, the MOST inferior part of any stock KTM is the OEM KTM kickstand.  It really blows our minds that they can make every other component on the motorcycle amazing and best in class but they cannot get the dang kickstand to work right.  Besides the overall poor function of the kickstand, the kickstand pad is also small and insignificant.  Also, when you put fatter, taller tires (such as the Goldentyre fatty) on  your enduro bike it raises the height of the bike which causes even more of a dramatic lean angle on your kickstand.  

So first step:

To remedy this poor kickstand situation you’ll  first want to get the kickstand pad removed from the kickstand.  This is a rubberized piece that is press fit into the bottom of your kickstand.  First you will want to remove the kickstand from your bike.  This is simple and requires a 6mm allen wrench…just one bolt and remove the spring…boom, your kickstand is off.

Step 2:

Next, place the kickstand in a vice.  It is a good idea to use some soft aluminum vice plates as to not damage your kickstand with the teeth of the vice.  Clamp your kickstand into the vice.  Drill a small pilot hole in the bottom of the kickstand pad.  Locate a course thread woodscrew and screw it into the padabout half way.  You will use this screw to pull your old pad off. 

Now you will need to heat up the shaft of the kickstand with a butane torch.  Heat up the kickstand down by the kickstand pad using caution to not burn or melt the old pad.  Once you have heated it you can start to pull on the screw with some vice grips or bang on it with a rubber mallet.  The pad should start coming out of the shaft.  Repeat until you have fully removed the pad from the kickstand.  

Next you will need to replace your old kickstand pand.  Yes sometimes they break and the cheapest option to replace is an OEM pad for about $5.  But why replace it with another measely little kickstand pad when you could replace it with OUR OVERSIZED kickstand pad 🙂 shameless plug here.  Press fits (along with a little hairspray, glue or dishsoap) right in to where your old kickstand was. 

It has a much larger footprint than stock KTM pads and does not sink into the soft soil as easily.  Plus you can get one with a taller height!  Why?  because when you put Goldentyre Fattys on your bike it raises the height and in some instances makes the lean angle too much for your kickstand.  Voila!  we addressed that issue as well.

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