OX Brake left hand brake review

OX Left Hand Brake Review

The OX Brake left hand brake is an amazing addition to any Enduro bike.  Most people who require a left hand brake are also running a Rekluse Clutch (as they tend to roll back while on steeps, as they keep the clutch from engaging) but you can run this brake on any off-road/enduro motorcyle and see the increased performance and ease in rear braking.  After trying the Rekluse left hand brake, and comparing it to the OX, we’ve found the OX Brake offers the same performance advantages without the oversize lever and pain of having yet another finicky, hydraulic part on your bike that requires maintenance and BLEEDING. 


The OX Brake is a cable actuated left hand rear brake that does exactly what it designed to do.  If you’re expecting a left hand brake to perform like your foot brake well, you have unrealistic expectations as you will never get the same power as your foot brake…don’t expect that.  But you do have the ability to slow your dirtbike down and keep it from rolling backwards on steep hills while you get in position to keep ripping!

Here are some of the reasons we love this MADE IN THE USA left hand brake:

  • Makes bike starts on steep, tricky hills easier
  • Allows the use of your rear brake on switchbacks when you have to take your right foot (braking foot) off the peg to get around the corner
  • When descending long hills you can keep your body position the same without moving your feet and use your left hand brake to scrub speed
  • More control and modulation for standup wheelies!
  • Unloading your bike from  the truck just got alot easier 🙂

And some highlights:

  • Install is easy
  • High quality parts and manufacturing
  • No bleeding or tricky maintenance required

Bottom line is: 

We love this brake and have found sooo many times where it has come in handy on the trail. We are confident you will feel the same.  5 STAR RATING!  

We have also put up a complete install and setup guide of the OX Brake here:

If you have any questions regarding the OX Brake feel free to call or email us.

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