Nitro Mousse – Tubliss – HD Tube Comparison

We get this question alot:  “Should I switch from my heavy duty tubes to the Nuetech Tubliss System or a Nitro Mousse/BIB Mousse type system?”

Generally the simple answers are: Nitro Mousse if you NEVER want a flat ever again.  Ultra HD tubes if you’re old school and just won’t ever change your ways.  Tubliss if you’re a tech geak and love messing around in tech situations that reward Uber low tire pressure.

Well, there is no simple answer really so we have broken down the pros and cons below to help you make a more informed decision.

Heavy Duty Tube Pros:

  • Only one in the test DOT approved
  • Simple(ish) to make trail side repairs

Nitro Mousse Pros:

  • No flats ever…period
  • Confidence at speed in rocky and rough terrain…see first bullet point

Neutech Tubliss Pros:

  • Lowest possible tire pressure in test
  • Best “trail feel”

Heavy Duty Tube Cons:

  • Pinch flats immanent with low pressure
  • Prone to flats from sharp object ie: Cactus, Volcanic Rock, Nails, Glass etc

Nitro Mousse Cons:

  • Difficult to install…everytime
  • Mousse sizing to tire size can be a trial and error nightmare

Neutech Tubliss Cons:

  • Time Consuming to install initially
  • Checking inner bladder tire pressure before every can be a PITA to some people

Hope this helps you in deciding which system will work best for you.  Happy Trails –

Nitro Mousse

No more flats with Nitro Mousse



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