Goldentyre Fatty front tire review

Goldentyre Fatty Review – a Top Pick for Mototerre Ambassadors 

Goldentyre Fatty Review

Goldentyre 216 Fatty

Goldentyre Fatty Review: For us, The Goldentyre Fatty 216 front tire has been the standard for which all other off-road motorycle tires are judged.  There just isn’t anything else on the market like it.  Why you ask?  Because everything else is dwarfed in comparison to this 90/100-21″ front tire.  The extra large diameter slows down your steering making ANY bike more stable in rough terrain.  The extra width helps the front end float in soft terrain such as desert riding and sand.  This tire is also extremely durable.  We have installed this tire on many different dual sport bikes where the owners DEMAND big mileage out of a DOT front tire (yes the Goldentyre Fatty is also DOT approved!).  We have had guys log thousands of miles of mixed use dirt and asphalt terrain with this tire.

Below is a Goldentyre Fatty with over 1800 miles of use!  Rounded knobs but still heaps of life and traction:

Fatty Front

Goldentyre Front Tire

For Hard Enduro riding the Goldentyre 216 Fatty is also our #1 pick.  Because its a 90/100 with an oversize casing you can run lower tire pressures than many other tires without worrying as much about pinch flats.  Lower tire pressures mean better traction and less deflection in rocky terrain.  

Best Hard Enduro Tire

Goldentyre Fatty Front in Action

Overall the Goldentyre Fatty is one of the best offroad motorcyle tires ever made.  Yes it isn’t perfect and sometimes there is a need for a different type of tire.  But for most applications for offroad and enduro use this is the best we have found.  

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