Leatt Hydra 4.5 hydration pack mini review


leatt hydra 4.5 review

Protection. Hydration. Sensation. This new 2.0 Leatt 4.5 Chest Protecfor (10 liters of storage) & Hydration Pack (2 liters of water) combo really does it all. It won’t actually make your sandwich but it will carry your lunch and all your trail tools around like a pack horse.  All while protecting your chest and back from impact…lets see a donkey do that.

The updated straps and adjust-ability offer a wider range of body size fitment than it’s predecessor. Once it’s adjusted to your size it’s easy on and off and stays snug so when loaded down the weight of the pack is barely noticeable while riding. The idea of an all in one chest protector and backpack isn’t necessarily new but Leatt hit the mark with this release. If you’re looking for a comfortable way to carry your goods and keep your core protected you won’t be disappointed making the choice to use this as your go to trail pack. 

On a side note if you’re looking for a bit more upper body protection check out the review on combining this with the Moose Racing XC1 Body Armor here. It’s a personal favorite.
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