Trail Tech Chainsaw Mount, Gerber Trail Saw & Folding Shovel

We are starting to compile a nice list of “trail tested” products in the Trail Building section of our website. 

First up is this nifty folding saw from Gerber.  At only 13 inches when folded down, the Freescape Camp Saw can fit in most modern riding backpacks and Camelbaks.  This saw is STURDY.  Because of the reinforced design the blade does not flex like some other fold-able trail saws.  

We have been in love with the Trail Tech CSM1 saw mount for quite a few seasons now.  Our little Stihl 09T climbing saw accompanies us on a handful of rides per season.  Early season rides almost always entail clearing trail, cutting downed trees and doing trail maintenance.  This Chainsaw mount is a must for you hard core trailbuilders looking to help make a positive impact on your local trails.  

And you’ll need to carry extra gas when you bring your chainsaw out for trail days.  For these instances we have developed the Extra Fuel Package.  1 Liter of gas and easily attaches to your dirtbike fender.  Check it out here

The Gator Brush Thinner is perfect for quick clearing of branches and brush hanging into your trail.  Its sharp and the hooked end makes short work of overgrown manzanita and hanging vegetation.

Last up on our trail building test is the Stansport Tri Fold shovel.  We attach this to our trusty trail building steed via some Giant Loop BOA straps.  It stays secure and slays at moving to dirt to build kickers and trail features.  So inexpensive yet impressive durability!

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