Wolfman, Giant Loop and Optimus Fuel Can extra fuel package



A great alternative to an over-sized, on the bike gas tank.  Our Extra Fuel Package straps to the front or back of your bike on the fender and allows you to safely carry 1 liter of extra gas…which may not seem like much but could make the difference bewteen walking 5-10 miles home or RIDING that 5-10 miles. Package Includes:

  • Qty 1 Wolfman Optimus 1 liter fuel container
  • Qty 2 Giant Loop BOA straps for fender attachment
  • Qty 1 Wolfman Bottle Holder

We have been using this setup on our two strokes with stoke tanks for a few years now and have had to use it on rides quite a few times.  Whether for our own bikes or to get friends back home this package will undoubtedly save the day at some point on the trail.

  • Carry 1 liter of extra fuel
  • Doesn’t stink up your backpack
  • Giant loop BOA straps can be used for many different purposes