Cyclops Explorer Dirtbike Snowbike Review and Installation

The Cyclops Explorer light packs a punch!  By far one of the best values to performance dirt bike lights on the market.  Our battery direct-connect light was able to be installed in less than 20 minutes! We feel battery direct is the way to go given most modern bikes are coming with lithium Ion batteries these days.


For woods riding this light is perfect.  Throws enough light to zig zag your way through the trees for hours.  For snow bike purposes it is outstanding as well.  Due to the reflection of snow you don’t need the most powerful light out there to see your way.  The only time I feel this light would be under powered would be for high speed desert riding purposes where you would need it to throw a much farther beam.



Installation is simple, takes less than an hour and you only have to remove your seat and side plastics!  Here we are installing on a Husqvarna TX300

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