Zip Ty extended air screw adjustment


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If you have a 2-stroke and ride in the mountains you are most likely very familiar with your air screw. If you don’t adjust your screw throughout the day you are missing out on having your bike run at its best. Changes in elevation, temperature, and humidity all play a part in the amount of air your bike has available, so with that many variables it only makes sense that you will need to adjust.

The stock air screw is located on the side of your carb on the airbox side, and is adjusted with a flat head screwdriver. It is super easy to adjust but it can be annoying to constatly have to pull out your tool kit and adjust it throughout the day. This is where the Zip-ty air screw comes in. They extended the screw out far enough that you can adjust it by hand, so even when you stop for a few seconds you can do a quick adjustment and make sure you are getting maximum performance out of your bike. It is definitely not a must have item, but for the price it does make life a little easier and lets you spend more time riding and is worth the small investment.