A day with Cascade Snow Bike – Pics and POV Video

Last month we decided to have a go at this “snow bike” thing.  My brother was visiting Bend Oregon for a week so it made most sense to try it then and there.  

Cascade SnowBike (www.cascadesnowbike.com) was the obvious choice for a day Timbersled day rental and guiding.  

snow bike

Chris at TrailboundCo shredding a KTM 450 with Camso DTS129 Snowbike kit

We were treated to amazing snow, blue skies and a day to remember.  Snow bikes are a hoot and easy to ride.  If you can ride a dirt bike then those skills will transfer right over to the snow.

What stood out most to us was how agile they are in the trees.  You can duck and dive through the trees like on skis.  If you’ve ever been tree skiing in fresh powder then you are familiar with that feeling…and there is nothing like it!  The snow bikes give you that feeling but its endless…no chairlift or skinning up!

Another fun aspect of snowbiking is how easy it is to hillclimb.  You can point it up the steepest inclines, give it a wristful of throttle and the traction is endless…they just CLIMB.

The bottom line is: If you’re passionate about snow sports and you love dirt bikes, well put the two together and you have about the most fun thing you can do.  

Dave @ Cascade Snowbike will be operating out of the Kapka Snow Park for the 2018-2019 season.

Cascade Snow BIke

Slayin POW with Cascade Snow Bike


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