Ambassador Team Harmony

Dante Harmony
Founder @ Team Harmony:  Dante is a jack of all trades working part time building mountain bike trails at ski resorts around the Southwest, working at Chile Pepper Bike shop in Moab, doing demolition and remodel work in Colorado and spending winters in Tucson AZ working with his family business. Having spent the past 10 plus years traveling with his wife and racing Downhill Mountain bikes and Motos, Dante has enjoyed the chance to ride in a plethora of exotic locales including New Zealand, South Africa, Columbia, Argentina, several countries in Europe and all across North America. Dante enjoys the occasional offroad moto race and is a very approachable mid-pack A class rider.  Dante’s 300 husky bike check

Jackie Harmony

2012 Downhill National Champ, Mother of one, working on number two

Jackie is a full-time mother of 2 and in her spare time she gets out and rides as much moto and mtb possible. Jackie will not hesitate to ride with the best of the men and occasionally show those guys a thing or two. She has raced on the MTB World Cup circuit, won several Pan American downhill competitions, won the DH National Champion title in 2012 and has competed in some of the AMRA Enduros. She is a solid B class rider and enjoys challenging terrain and technical single track.