EVS TP199 Travis Pastrana Knee Pads




Travis Pastrana TP199 Knee and Shin Guard – a Mototerre Favorite!

The TP199 is such an amazing knee guard.  With protection for your knees but also bomber shin protection that extends down into your boots.  The EVS TP199 extremely comfortable and great when used in conjunction with the EVS Sock.  This knee pad is unlike anything else on the market in how it gives support as well as protection.

What EVS says about their TP199:

Designed specifically for Travis Pastrana, the official EVS TP199 Knee guard and shin pad offers everything for the rider looking for complete support, without the bulk of a traditional knee brace. They are perfect for both track and off road riders.

Pairs perfectly with the EVS Knee brace sock!

  • Reactive Memory Foam (RMF) patella protection
  • Molded bio-foam upper for increased impact protection
  • Low profile, hard molded HDPE shin guard slips easily into your boot
  • Integrated internal floating knee sleeve gives continued support
  • Silicone strip on inner sleeve limits migration while riding (Exclusive to TP199)
  • Fully breathable mesh backing Sold in pairs

Other products like the TP199:

We like the way EVS uses neoprene to wrap the entire guard.  It makes it more comfortable than other guards like it.  It also makes it so knee brace style sock is not really necessary so on hot days you can run just the guard without a high sock.  These knee pads can take some abuse.  We have put them to the test hard enduro riding/crashing in lava rock, granite and cactus beds!  If you are looking for great protection but not wanting to step up to a Mobius Knee brace then this is your next best bet.  You cant beat the protection and value of the EVS TP199 Travis Pastrana Knee Guards!