Dynaplug – Ultralight Tubeless tire repair


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We have found that Dynaplug is the best solution for repairing your Tubliss tires while out on the trail.  

  • Compact size
  • Designed specifically for repairing damaged Tubliss tires
  • Easy to use 

Tubliss dirt bike tires are an advantage for enduro riding as you can run extremely low air pressure.  This increases traction but also makes the footprint of your tire bigger making it more susceptible to sticking out and catching rocks and puncturing your tire.  The only negative is repairing sidewall holes while out on the trail.  Dynaplug is our favorite trail side solution to repairing holes in tubeless tires.  

We recommend running stans tire sealant in your tires and always carry a Dynaplug repair kit while out in the backcountry.


More Info

Founded in 1991, Dynaplug® was designed as an easy-to-use solution for DIY tubeless tire repair.  In fact, this DIY solution will make fast, permanent repairs on 98% of all tubeless punctures. It doesn’t require any reaming, chemicals, adhesive or waiting time. Simply remove the puncture object and insert the repair plug. Dynaplug® solutions have evolved into different models and accessories all manufactured in the US and patented.  Satisfied customers around the world like these key Dynaplug® features integrated into all the models:  compact and lightweight size, practical and easy-to-use, fast DIY, reliable repairs. Dynaplug® is not limited to repairing any particular vehicle tire; use it to repair punctures in motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, ATV, scooter, trailer, garden tractor and still more tubeless tire