Antigravity Battery with Re-Start (RS)


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Antigravity Batteries offers the Lightest, most Powerful and Technologically advanced Lithium-Ion Motorsports and Powersports Batteries available. Save 70% in weight over Lead/Acid Batteries, while gaining better starting and handling performance.

  • 4 terminal posts – 2 positive and 2 negative cable connects to help with managing your battery direct accessories 
  • lightweight and powerful
  • Re-start technology lets you jump start your battery…from your battery!
For All KTM and Husky Dual sport, 4 and 2 stroke offroad bikes:



AMP HOURS (PbEq): 7 Ah

WEIGHT:1.32 lbs

The lithium ATZ-7-RS is a direct replacement for these OEM battery sizes:


From Daily Drivers to World Class Racing we offer a number of choices to best fit your specific needs. Choose from our NEW RE-START (RS)series (the FIRST ever with Built-in Jump Starting), our ultra compact extreme-power batteries, or batteries with special voltages… Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Antigravity Batteries releases the all new, game-changing RE-START Series of Lithium-Ion Starter Batteries for Motorcycles and Powersports Vehicles. The new RE-START Battery, with “built-in jump starting”, makes being stranded by a dead-battery a thing of the past. For example, if a rider left his/her lights on overnight this would normally be a dead battery emergency requiring jump-starting, push starting or assistance. But with the new RE-START Batteries you simply press the RE-START Button located on the top of the battery, to access the Battery’s reserve energy, then start the vehicle and drive away. There will also be a Remote Key Fob Button Available which will allow the rider to trigger the RE-START feature without having to remove the seat or a fairing to access the battery.