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MotoTerre is dedicated to being a part of the riding community in many different areas throughout North America.  We help support the riding and adventures of many privateers and professionals in the Moto World!

Our Ambassadors are responsible for much of the content, photos, videos, gear reviews and product reviews found on this site.  We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be in this business without them.

Mototerre 2019 Badassadors:

Logan Bickford – Wyoming USA – Logan rips his CRF450 on dirt and snow.  He has some wicked pictures on his Instagram check it out – @bickfordhonda
Trent Boege – Australia! – Specializes in tech trail riding and Endurocross – @boegey95
Maiah Hamocon – Hawaii USA – Wheelies for days and she ripped some of the Enducross Nationals this year!  @dirtbikedanger
Dante Harmony – ColoRADo USA – Returning again for the third year and the first ever Ambassador for @kilgore399
Jake Hatfield – Washinton USA – Returning for the second year, Jakes a badass trailrider and racer @jl_hatfield
LA Kelly – Arizona, Colorado THE WORLD – @redrockchica – a true badass on her KTM200 and a mountain bike
Ethan Mccracken – Oregon USA – Rips his KTM500 all over the country – dual sport and enduro specialist @ethan_mccracken
John Miller – aka @johnthebraaptist – Our only east coast representative and he riiiiiiips!  Check out the blog post he did on the mototerre website about his cross country trip via the Trans America Trail aboard an XR650R
Jaren Morris – Oregon USA – Can be found shredding his Husky FE350 all over oregon and runs the @oregondualsportenduro IG page
Bobby Nelson – Washington USA – Watch for him to turn some of the fastest times at this years Desert 100 🙂  Bobby rips @bobby14nelson
Dave Re – Oregon USA – Shreds his KTM 500 and 1090 all over the PNW – Great at BEER – @Dave Re 
Sean Shuman – ColoRADo and the southwest – A master on his 300 with in depth knowledge of parts and gear – @shumantor1
Shane Sorensen – Shane rips his KTM200 all over Colorado and the Southwest…erone please welcome Shane 😉
Sabrina Stout – Oregon USA -She’ll be shredding all over the PNW with us in 2019!  @stoutsssojourn 
Garret Turnidge – Oregon USA – A dedicated racer he’ll be at all the OMRA races and select Endurocross for 2019 – @turnidge807 
Jessica Wlatenburg – Colorado – Jessica has progressed on a dirt bike faster than anyone on the planet – @j3sswait

Team Harmony – Jackie and Dante Harmony

Area of Expertise = The Southwest including Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.  Team Harmony is comprised of husband and wife duo Jackie and Dante and their son DJ.  They have ridden all over the world and love spreading stoke on 2-wheels!  Read More ->

Chris Hunt @huntca

The more remote, the better. I enjoy motorcycles as a way to disconnect and experience pretty places. I’m most happy at sunrise breaking down camp, getting back on the trail with a good friend or two, grabbing photos, stopping in a little town for coffee, and finding a new place to sleep so we can do it again tomorrow. I’ve spent the most time in the Tillamook Forest in Oregon, but recently moved to California and am looking forward to exploring new areas.

Sean Shuman

Area of Expertise = Colorado and Moab.  Sean is a natural on the dirt bike and mountain bike…basically a Ninja on anything with two wheels.  Expert racer and a very accomplished hard enduro trail rider, Sean is always looking for the best trails and a long day on the bike exploring the backcountry.  

John “the braaptist” Miller

East Coast Represent!  We first got acquainted when John was riding across the country doing the Trans Atlantic Trail on a decked out xr650r.  John is a racer and overall Motorycle enthusiast!

Chris Riesner

Chris is addicted to riding diamonds and the Owner Of Trailbound Co – @trailboundco Instagram –

Dave Reuss

Shreds daily and owner of Cascade Snowbike…Dave is always dreaming of winter.